TAKE-OFF TRAVEL AGENCY The take-offtravelagency.com web site asks for personal information such as name, email address, residential/physical address and mobile phone in order to be used for the best customer service. Name and mobile phone are essential for bookings, email address is needed for payment/booking confirmation and physical address is needed for greeting cards, promotions and other stuff sent by regular post. This website is designed to make it easy for you to book online in a secure way.

The customer’s personal information is not sold to or shared with third parties under any name and in any condition excepts cases when it is essential, for example we need to disclose some information such as name to tour operator. The take-offtravelagency.com web site can only use this information in case the customer does not mind to receive emails and SMS about upcoming events, extra discounts, special offers and information updates.

The customers are responsible for the information that they have given is right. The take-offtravelagency.com web site is not responsible for the delays of pick-up times and wrong pick up points caused by the wrong information provided by the customers and will refuse to give any refunds in these cases.

The take-offtravelagency.com web site provides a live support application in order for you to be able to get instant support, check availability and prices, or get instant reply to your questions, offers and requests online.

All activities and excursions may be PAY ON THE DAY. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Debitcard. Prices are subject to change. The client is charged in Turkish Lira (TL) at the exchange rate of the company TAKE-OFF TRAVEL AGENCY which is posted at our web site in BOOKING section. The client will have the option to transfer the booking to another excursion or activity and change the name of recipient in at least 10 days by written notice but no refunds are available for cancelation.